The real cause of illness

Do we really know what is the real cause of a disease?

Do we really know what is the real cause of a disease?

Man is a being of nature. Just like any other living thing, animals and plants, on our planet Earth. What distinguishes man from animals and plants is more consciousness, which places him at the very top of the scale of conscious living beings.

In addition to consciousness, man is largely defined by emotions that are known to affect our health and happiness. Emotions are closely related to the human physical body, and a particular emotion is able to cause changes in the human body in a positive, or negative way.

The basic emotion and the only natural state of man is love, and all other emotions arise from it. We distinguish two types of emotions, those that are in the frequency and energy of love and those that are not.

Emotions that are not aligned with the energy of love such as hatred, anger, fear, nervousness, jealousy, sadness, anxiety, worry can cause energy blockages in certain parts of the human body, and thus lead to disease and disorders of certain organ systems.

The emotion of sadness is known to cause lung disease, the emotion of fear causes kidney disease, the emotion of anger causes liver disease, and worry in turn strikes our stomach.

Apart from emotional causes, the most common causes are diseases of a physical nature.
Namely, each disease is directly related to the state of our lymphatic system and the degree of acidity of the organism.

If we look at our body as a bunch of cells, each of which functions according to the same laws of chemistry, it is logical to conclude that each cell lives, grows, feeds and multiplies in the same way.

For the cells to function normally in the body, they need energy and food.

The only foods that cells need are simple carbohydrates — fructose and glucose, simple fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Everything that we take into the body, not being the food that our cells can use for their functioning, is a waste that the body must metabolise and eliminate.

Elimination of toxins and metabolic waste takes place in the body through four elimination channels. These are the kidneys, intestines, skin and lungs.

Constant and excessive intake of toxins, plastics and chemicals, but also food that acidifies and leaves in the body the acid residue so-called “acid ash”, accumulates toxins and acids, increases the degree of acidity of tissues and gradually makes it impossible to eliminate them from the body.

The lymphatic system, which is the sewer system in the body, is responsible for transporting metabolic waste, acids and all toxins introduced into the body.

Due to the constant intake of toxins, with years the lymphatic system becomes clogged, the elimination channels are blocked and the toxins remain stored in the lymphatic system and extracellular spaces. Symptoms like inflammation, pain, burning, itching, eczema, mucus formation, stones, calcifications, ulcers, acne, edema occur in places where they accumulate to a greater extent, and if the body is not cleansed in time, development of diseases occurs, initially acute leading to subacute and eventually degenerative.

Every symptom in the body and every disease are actually just indicators of the acidity of the body and the congestion of the lymphatic system and intestines.

No disease develops from today to tomorrow as a result of long-term “poisoning” of the body with unnatural, cooked and processed food, poisoned water, dirty air and kilograms of cosmetics that we use every day.

Our body is constantly trying to flush out toxins and acids to prevent further damage and degeneration of tissues and organs. Due to ignorance of the proper functioning of our body, we recognize every symptom of cleansing the body as a disease of unknown cause and try to suppress the symptoms and stop the process.

Take for example a cold with fever, runny nose and cough. We are taught to think that such a respiratory infection is the result of our contact with bacteria and viruses and that it occurs due to a weak immune system of the body.

The real truth is that the cause of such a cold is not external factors, bacteria and viruses, but the very state of the lymphatic system and the degree of acidity of the body of each individual. High temperature is actually just the fermentation of toxins in the body. The secretion from the respiratory system gets rid of excessively accumulated mucus that arises as a defense system from the intake of toxins and acidifying foods (meat, milk, eggs, cereals, legumes, sugar and all processed and artificial foods).

Learned to suppress symptoms, lower fever, suppress coughing and runny nose, we interrupt the body’s natural cleansing and detoxification process. Although these symptoms are unpleasant and can sometimes be unbearable, they are necessary for the healing process of the body. If we understand that the “disease” is not bad, that our body is very intelligent and thus gets rid of waste and tries to regenerate, then the “disease” is no longer a problem that we need to get rid of at all costs.

“Illness” can thus be viewed from two different points of view. As a bad thing that can kill us if we don’t treat it, or as a good thing that cleanses our body and leads to health.

It is up to us to choose which point of view we will consciously take, which way we want to go and solve the state of “disease”.

We can look for a way out in medications and suppress symptoms, or we can choose the path of regenerative detoxification and allow our body the conditions to heal itself with the help of natural foods and herbs.

Every symptom and “disease” has a solution in natural, raw food, spending time in nature, sun, fresh air and movement (walking or physical excercise).

We need to realise that our body is intelligent and capable of healing itself. Just as it is able to heal a wound or a cut, so it is able to detoxify itself and heal the “disease”. The only thing you need to provide it with, are ideal conditions for normal functioning in accordance with nature and the laws of chemistry. Natural raw food, medicinal herbs, sun, clean air and nature provide conditions in which diseases do not occur.

With the help of regenerative detoxification and nature, we can find a way out of suffering and illness and enable ourselves a life full of health and vitality.

The information and knowledge given here comes from the teachings of world-renowned naturopaths, Dr. Robert Morse and Dr. John Fiedler.

Author of the article:
Petra Križaić, MPharm
Conscious Health Diet Counselor
& owner of the company Anasta savjetovanja i radionice

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