Miraculous Graviola Natural Cure For Cancer

Miraculous Graviola – natural cure for cancer

Miraculous Graviola – natural cure for cancer

An increasing number of scientists and doctors are recommending the plant Graviola (lat. Annona muricata) as a natural prevention and an important support in the treatment of cancer.

For already 10 years, the most popular natural herbal medicine

About the benefits of this natural herbal preparation word is constantly being spread. There are more and more patients testifying to the effectiveness of Graviola.

The miraculous graviola tree grows deep in the Amazon rainforest and is considered a superfood. Numerous scientific studies show that graviola effectively and naturally destroys cancer cells with a power several hundred times stronger than chemotherapy, without harming healthy cells. Therefore, natural therapy with graviola does not cause extreme nausea, weight loss and hair loss, therefore it is suitable for prevention and help in the treatment of various types of cancer. Renowned doctors advise the use of graviola to their patients before, during and after chemotherapy as an additional protection of immunity since graviola is rich in vitamin C.

Why is so little still known about Graviola?

Despite many positive experiences of patients and their verbal recommendations, still many have never heard of this plant.

Individuals, ordinary people can at most act as local advertisements, by no means as global ones. Personal experiences of difficult periods of illness are told only to closest ones and those in a similar “sauce” with whom we may have shared space and time in the waiting room or hospital ward.

No one wants to talk too much about their illness, on the contrary, it is something we want to hide, push under the rug and pretend in front of neighbors and acquaintances that it does not exist. Feelings of shame and guilt are often present. How are we then going to talk to the whole world about the effectiveness of all those natural healthy preparations that our kitchen cabinets have become overcrowded with almost overnight, in our attempt to reestablish our good health?

Pharmaceutical giants, on the other hand, are large corporations that can influence public opinion and inform the public about natural and economically available natural remedies. Why don’t they do that?

Large pharmaceutical corporations often keep their discoveries about the power of certain plants, including Graviola, away from the public. Under federal law that says a natural ingredient or plant cannot be patented, pharmaceutical companies do not have the ability to profit from the commercialization of a natural remedy. Thus, they will never advertise and inform the public about valuable bioactive ingredients of plants whose effectiveness has been confirmed by their scientific research, but will only place synthesized versions that often contain isolated bioactive ingredients of a particular plant.

The whole Graviola tree has remarkable benefits on the human body. In the end, a question arises, why do we trust more man-made medicines under controlled conditions than herbal ones given by the Creator through seed, specific climate, symbiosis of flora and fauna in an area where a particular plant thrives and grows naturally?


Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.
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