The name says it all!

JoyFood was created out of desire to help everyone live a healthy life full of joy.

Our Logo

The period of cancer treatment can be a slow, difficult and painful process that requires a lot of strength. That is exactly the time when JoyFood wishes to support you the most. Illness is a great blessing and grace. It is a call for change, a time to discard the old and embrace new, healthier lifestyle.

Our logo has a shape of a butterfly formed of green leaves and it symbolises change and rebirth with the help of nature.

Health conscious diet

Usually people get interested in healthy food and lifestyle for two reasons:

  1. maintaining good health, prevention and wanting to lead a healthy lifestyle
  2. and much more common, to treat an illness.

JoyFood is specifically focused on providing support and assistance to those who come to this path of healthy living to treat a certain health condition.

Our team

We all have our stories how and why we have come to the path of health conscious diet. Our team consists of exceptional experts from the world of alternative medicine, yoga, spirituality, ayurveda and other natural methods that can help improve health.

With our knowledge we wish to support humanity in the healing of body, mind and soul.

We believe

We believe in Divine grace, the power of positive thinking and miracles.

We believe in you and your strength. We believe in the power of your body and its power of self-healing. Science is important to us and we try to present every natural product from a scientific point of view.

Our Experience

We are working in the field of health conscious living and support to oncology patients since 2011. We were a part of the first company that presented the product “Graviola Premium, powder leaf” on the market of Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The effectiveness of this product was also supported by the esteemed prof. Dr. oncologist Ante Bolanča who was recommending the use of this plant before, during and after the chemo and radiotherapy.

Thanks to your numerous feedback, recommendations and sharing experience about the benefits of graviola, and also due to our personal experience, JoyFood offers extremely high quality graviola in the form of 100% pure powder and in tablets.

Graviola powder and tablets from brand Energy Feelings, represented by JoyFood, are produced in Spain (origin: Peru), in a factory specialising in gluten, lactose and allergen-free superfoods and mostly organic-certified products.

The standards of quality and packaging of products are extremely high because when health is impaired, there is no compromise – the body needs the best. High-quality food also has a higher nutritional value which is especially important for the the weakened body, and we also take care of the environment so our product packagings can be 100% recycled.

JoyFood is a love project created out of a desire to help humanity heal and live a joyful life! We are immensely grateful to you for your trust and patience for the content that we strive to make available to you as soon as possible. We share with you our knowledge with wishes for a fast recovery!
Your JoyFood

JoyFood Team

Our associates - Petra Krizaic
Petra Križaić, MPharm
Conscious Health Diet Counselor

Petra Križaić is a Master of Pharmacy with twenty years of experience in pharmacy and health counselling, with great knowledge in naturopathy, phytotherapy and aromatherapy. She is the founder of the company Anasta Counselling and Workshops.

Having taken the best from the modern and natural medicine, Anasta Counselling offers you an alternative approach to nutrition, healing and healthy lifestyle based on rich personal experience with different eating styles and having confirmed to have helped many in the process of restoring good health. Anasta counselling offers individual nutrition counselling for children and adults, creating a personalised diet plan for help in treating specific health conditions, weight loss, changing eating habits, for athletes and recreationists. A diet plan is being made according to the specific needs of your body and in accordance with your age as well as your health condition.

Petra is dedicated to promoting healthy life style and conscious eating and you can read her articles on our web page where she will share with all of you her valuable knowledge and healthy, tasty recipes!

All “Anasta Counselling and Workshops” clients have 5% discount on all JoyFood products!