Natural hepaprotector (liver cleanse and protection)

Milk Thistle powder (Silybum marianum) in airtight containers of 200 g and 1 kg from Energy Feelings. Packaging is 100% recyclable.

Physical description of the product:
100% impurity-free homogeneous powder for smoothie

Physicochemical characteristics:
Color:  Brownish green. Odor:  Characteristic odor of dry grass. Free from strange odors. Flavor:  Characteristic. Free of foreign material.

  • Ideal for anyone who is exposed to any kind of toxins, whether from food, beverages, the environment, chemicals, etc.
  • The reduction of insulin resistance in people with type 2 diabetes with cirrhosis
  • Natural hangover cure
  • High content of fiber, minerals, vitamins and enzymes
  • Silymarin, Milk Thistle’s bioactive ingredient, reduces liver damage
  • May contribute to lower blood LDL cholesterol levels
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Easy dissolution
  • Delicious taste

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Milk Thistle powder from Energy Feelingsis one of the plants most investigated and recommended for its beneficial effects for the liver health. Numerous scientific studies conclude that milk thistle contributes to stabilizing the cell membrane of the hepatocyte and stimulates protein synthesis, accelerating the regeneration process of damaged liver tissue .

Other common names include Marianus cardus, milk thistle, blessed thistleThistle Santa Maria. This species is an annual or biennial plant of the Asteraceae family. It has red and purple flowers, pale green, and glossy leaves with white veins. It is originally native to southern Europe, and is now found throughout the world.

The seeds contains  a complex bioflavonoid known as silymarin, approximately 4-6%. The silymarin is a complex mixture of polyphenolic molecules, closely related. As with other flavonoids, milk thistle is a powerful antioxidant that protects the body against damage caused by free radicals and lipid peroxidation.

Milk Thistle

along with dandelion and other extracts, is known as a hangover cure. The tincture supposedly helps the organs rid themselves of toxins after heavy drinking. Milk thistle may be prescribed by herbalists to help treat liver diseases (cirrhosis, jaundice and hepatitis).

Its powerful extract is used in medicine under the name of silymarin (a complex consisting of flavonolignanesilibinin A and B / silybin / silymarin I, isosilibinin A and B, silicristin / silymarin II, silidianin). Silybum marianum extract has antifungal effects and can prevent the growth of dermatophyte fungi. It has potential in the treatment of hepatitis C. Silymarin reduces liver damage caused by lipid peroxidation in patients taking butyrophenones or phenothiazines.


Mix milk thistle powder with some drink (water, juice, smoothie, milk, yogurt, etc.), bakery products (can be used to make bread and other pastries); add to dairy products, soup, mashed potatoes, etc.


Contraindicated in people with hypertension. Supervised administration for diabetes patients and hypertension. It is recommended to hydrate regularly.


Store in a cool place (5-15ºC), protected from direct light, in dry (55-65% RH) and clean conditions. Once opened, close hermetically and store again under the conditions previously described to avoid exposure to humidity in the environment, the adhesion of odours and microbial contamination.


A balanced and varied diet helps prevent diseases and improve health. The nutritional properties of foods should not be confused with medicine. We remind you that all the information offered on our website is indicative and presented in good faith from various sources, from own investigations and outside the company. The information here given does not replace the opinion of qualified medical personnel or intend to diagnose, treat or cure any health condition.

Milk Thistle powder (Silybum marianum) in airtight containers of 200 g and 1 kg. gluten-free-lowGI-vegan-lactose-free-300x66
MILK THISTLE POWDER Nutritional Information (100g)
ENERGY Kcal / Kj 302Kcal / 1263 Kj
FATS g raise
of which saturated g 0.0
of which sugars g 0
FIBER g 26
SALT mg 0.0
  • Formulated from high quality plants, subjected to rigorous controls
  • Without hormones
  • Without gluten
  • Without dairy derivatives or gelatin
  • Without additives
  • Without GMO
  • No added sugar
  • No trans fat
  • Without any type of additive (colorants, artificial sweeteners, preservatives) and free of bulking agents, binders or other excipients.


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